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Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a complete novice, advice on how to choose a world cruise is never a bad idea. No matter if you are looking for a full cruise to sail completely around the world, or something a little less adventurous, AMT, an American Express Travel Representative Cruise Insiders can help you discover the right cruise for you. There are cruise lines that offer cruises as long as 220 days to as short as 3 days.

But the real question is do you know the best tips to make your cruise the dream vacation it should be?

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With so many choices in cruising, it can be quiet a chore to do all the research on your own.  Thousands of websites, and hundreds of travelers, all with different points of view, can make this confusing.  So who do you trust?

Trust the professionals!  AMT, an American Express Travel Representative Cruise Insiders eat, sleep and breathe cruises.  Our specialists have a passion for cruising, and can share insight from their own experience.  Plus, as profession travel consultants, we work with thousands of people every year, and can filter out the noise to gather the best insights.

AMT, an American Express Travel Representative has been advising clients on how to choose a cruise for 30 years. They have a wealth of experience and deal with all the major cruise line operators, and can offer you discounts and perks no other cruise agent can. The modern cruise ships are essentially floating five-star hotels with many luxury amenities. Your choice of cruise will largely depend on your personal preference and interests.

AMT, an American Express Travel Representative Cruise Insiders offers choices from luxurious, state-of the-art liners or small, more intimate boats, and will help you pursue the activities you prefer!  Whatever cruise you and your Cruise Insider decide on, you can also be assured of exceptional service delivery and added value. Some of the many benefits you can count on when booking your cruise with us additional hotel stays at the beginning or end of your cruise, air fare choices,  24/7 travel support and  visa assistance. We will tailor your package to your needs.

When you ask for help in how to choose a cruise, you need to let the advisors know the type of cruise you are interested in. First of all specify the area (or areas) of the world that particularly interest you. Maybe you want to sample the delicacies of the Orient, check out Australia, go to the southern continents of India or Africa, or maybe go closer to home and see Hawaii or Alaska.  Tell us all about it!

Next decide on the length of cruise you are interested in. You may be fortunate enough to be able to take four to six months out of your schedule and do a complete around the world cruise. More likely, you have a shorter time to vacation – maybe two to four weeks – and want to join a cruise liner for only part of a world cruise.  Perhaps you are interested in just a simple week cruise, or even just a few days.  We will help you sort through the information overload to pick the best option for you!

Finally, let your AMT, an American Express Travel Representative advisor know what really interests and inspires you.  What types of experiences are you looking for?  Perhaps you want to cruise because you want to see multiple places in one trip.  Do you want to explore the different cultures offered? A cruise allows you to see a variety of places without the hassle of airports and crowds. It may be the actual sailing and onboard dining or entertainment that really rocks your world.

Whatever criteria exist, the best way choose a world cruise means discussing your needs and wants with  your AMT, an American Express Travel Representative Cruise Insider for a trip of a lifetime .  Download our free ebook today.  If you are ready to start the conversation with our Cruise insiders, call us today to start discussing you r Luxury, Value, or Five Star Cruise, and use “the name you know and the brand you trust”.