Take a Voyage to the Scandinavian and Baltic Nations

A cruise through the Baltic Sea allows you to visit both Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, which have picturesque Old Towns that date back to a time when medieval merchants traveled the region. Some of the cities deemed “most livable” in the world can be found in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. With its fascinating Viking history and striking fjords, Norway will delight students of history and nature lovers alike. new-zealand-2492599__340.jpg Other not-to-miss sights include Helsinki’s Neoclassical and Art Nouveau displays, the “Venice of Scandinavia” in Stockholm, and the red roofs and slender steeples in Tallinn.

Finally, no trip to the region is finished without experiencing the spectacular northern lights. Based on land mass, Russia is the most extensive sovereign state on earth and makes up part of both Europe and Asia. In Russia, you will want to spend some time in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg and lay your eyes on the spectacular Peterhof Palace.

Stop by the historic Red Square in Moscow to discover its iconic domes and towers, then be sure to stop by a traditional café to taste Russian caviar and blini pancakes.

Features of Luxurious World Cruises

Global travel has grown to be increasingly common, leading many cruise lines to include these voyages on their itineraries. Currently, there are in excess of 25 million passengers each year traveling on the oceans, seas and rivers found all over the world. Cruise lines now offer many different options in itineraries, ships, and prices from which passengers can select. Choosing the kind of trip you want to take has to be one of your fundamental factors to consider.

Superior individualized service, fewer people on board and more direct access to some ports are just some of the advantages of traveling on a smaller ship. Despite the benefits provided by these ships, however, their size makes them more susceptible to the movement of the ocean, something not recommended for those prone to seasickness.

There are some pros to larger ships, but one of the big disadvantages is that they need to dock further away at industrial ports which are located farther away from your destination city. Because of this, visiting your destination city be more challenging and more expensive. The amazing experiences you have both aboard your cruise ship and ashore at your destination, whether it be Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and Europe, the Caribbean, the Americas and Alaska, Africa, or Asia and Australia, will provide you with life-long memories.

Overseas travel also gives you the option to experience local daily life up close and personal. Immersing yourself in a city’s art, culture, culinary delights, history and natural beauty is made possible with one of the various exclusive events and excursions on offer.

Experience a unique cruise on one of the most famous and opulent ships sailing the oceans: The Queen Mary II, Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth. Tantalize all your senses aboard one of these deluxe and impressive cruise ships and travel back to a time of opulence all in the comfort of modern conveniences. Study the world as few others have done on a vacation of a lifetime.

All while preventing the inconvenience of delayed flights, living out of a suitcase, and unforeseen expenses.

Whatever you decide to do, traveling on the world’s oceans, rivers, and seas will let you experience the wonders of the of the places you visit all while enjoying the peace you seek.

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